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UNLOCK: Yanagimoto Kazuki by TanukiQueen UNLOCK: Yanagimoto Kazuki by TanukiQueen
My app for :iconu-n-l-o-c-k:
I was accepted! Thank you so much for accepting me ;v;

His egg is supposed to look like a tribal tattoo--
here's a full version of his headshot

>Name: Yanagimoto Kazuki

>Nickname: Kazu

>Age: 15

>Gender: Male

>Birthday: 6th April

>Height/Weight: 179cm | 61kg

>Year: 2nd year

>Nationality: Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate: Yamashita Jun

>Club: Art

:bulletblack: Shy - He is shy upon meeting people, and has problems socializing in large groups.
:bulletblack: Sensitive - He's very sensitive towards others feelings, and can be upset easily though he doesn't show it.
:bulletblack: Sincere - He's honest about what he says when he says it, putting a lot of emotion into his thanks and apologies.
:bulletblack: Trustworthy -Once given a secret, he'll take it with him to the grave, and as a friend he can always be depend on.
:bulletblack: Awkward - Being unable to approach people easily, he tends to be awkward at holding a conversation and may sometimes just walk away from it, not knowing what else to do.
:bulletblack: Devoted - He's very enthusiastic about his dreams, though not outwardly, and he plans to stick with it. Also if he has made a promise to someone, he will be devoted to keep it the best way he can.

:bulletgreen: Varieties of art
:bulletgreen: Quiet relaxing days
:bulletgreen: Outgoing people (loves when someone always has something to say)
:bulletgreen: Different countries
:bulletgreen: In depth stories
:bulletgreen: Ramen! With extra meat
:bulletgreen: Meat Meat Meat and more Meat!

:bulletred: Unsharpened pencils
:bulletred: People putting down body art
:bulletred: Gym
:bulletred: Going to bed early
:bulletred: Homework
:bulletred: HATES vegetables
:bulletred: Is really bad with heat
:bulletred: Technology (he just..he's terrible with it)

Kazuki grew up as a normal child would, with two parents and a curiosity to explore. Through childhood into his young teen years he had found art, instantly falling in love with it's many styles he began to experiment making his own. It didn't take long before Kazuki realized his fascination for body art, seeing the occasional yakuza move about the city with their tattoos, he decided he wanted to see more of that. He loved seeing what people would permanently leave on their skin, expressing themselves in ways words couldn't. Being a shy kid growing up, he's always longed for a way to show who he is, even though he's unable to come out and just say it. That's when his parents began to step in and tell him not too get involved with that type of behavior, the yakuza were not people to be looked up to, but people to fear and avoid. He hated that his parents said that, all he wanted was to express how much admiration he had for their art, not for the actions they may 'cause here and there.
Even still, Kazuki didn't give up, becoming more secretive about his passion he continued to draw and design, and experiment. He went out, and gathered information about body art worldwide, gaining a new love for other countries. Learning everything he could, he made a goal to have his art career thrive in whatever way he could.

As he entered high school he realized he sort of made a vision of himself for others. After going to school and barely speaking to anyone, drawing constantly and always being alone, people found him to be quite intimidating. His expression always looked either, bored, angry, or blank, without noticing Kazuki half cut himself off from the world. Not to mention, he always had dark circles under his eyes. That's when he decided he would at least try to make friends, and share his passions with them. Having this thought in mind he starts his 2nd year deeply wanting to share his passion with not just himself, but with some close friends.

"..I'm kinda sleepy.."
"I'm sorry....."

>Relationships: TBA //needs friends

>Voice: TBA

:bulletblack: He collects calligraphy pens
:bulletblack: He loves seeing families together
:bulletblack: He pulls a lot of all nighters drawing


>Name:  TBA

>Gender: TBA

>Would be Self: TBA

>Personality: TBA

>Likes/Dislikes: TBA

>Quote: TBA

>Voice: TBA

>Extra: TBA

:bulletblack: His egg first appeared when he realized he wanted to share his passion with friends.

I would prefer to rp in CHAT or SKYPE
Skype: Feel free to add - tanuki.queen (please ad happy tails in the message when you add me)
Also I'm comfortable roleplaying anything!
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